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Grab hire is a versatile and efficient waste removal service that can be used for a wide range of waste materials and settings.

With its ability to access difficult-to-reach areas, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental benefits, grab hire is a popular choice for commercial and residential waste removal needs

The 32-tonne lorries are fitted with cranes. As a general rule, loading takes between 45 minutes and one hour. Our lorries are on average 9 m L x 2.5 m W x4m h (including a crane).

In some cases, this is a cheaper more flexible and more efficient option than hiring a skip.

Grab Lorry Hire

Here are some key features and benefits of a GRAB LORRY:

  • Hiring a grab lorry in London can be very useful to get rid of unwanted construction waste.
  • Grab hire is a waste removal service that uses a specialised truck with a hydraulic arm and a grab bucket to collect and transport waste materials.
  • The grab bucket can be used to collect and move a variety of waste materials, including soil, concrete, bricks, and general waste, making it a versatile option for waste removal in various settings.
  • The grab truck is operated by a skilled driver who can use the hydraulic arm to collect the waste materials and place them directly into the grab bucket, eliminating the need for manual labour and speeding up the waste removal process.
  • The grab truck can then transport the waste materials to a designated disposal site or recycling facility for processing.
  • One of the key benefits of grab hire is its flexibility, as it can be used to remove waste from difficult-to-reach areas, such as narrow alleys or sites with limited access.
  • The grab truck can also be used for site clearances, demolition projects, and other large-scale operations where a significant amount of waste needs to be removed quickly and efficiently.
  • Another advantage of grab hire is that it can be a more cost-effective option compared to other waste removal services, such as skip hire.
  • With grab hire, there is no need for a skip to be placed on-site, and the grab truck can collect waste materials from multiple locations in a single trip, reducing the overall cost of waste removal.
  • Grab hire is also an environmentally friendly option for waste removal, as the waste materials can be sorted and recycled more easily when they are collected in a unique location. This helps to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill and reduce the overall impact on the environment.

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