What you can’t put in the skip?

  • asbestos
  • medical waste
  • liquids
  • oil
  • batteries
  • toxic materials
  • gas cylinders
  • paint
  • fluorescent lamps
  • electrical equipment and appliances (fridges)

Do I need a permit to hire a skip?

If you plan on placing your skip on private land, there’s no need for you to obtain a permit. However, if you need to put your skip on public land ( on the street outside your property, for example) then we’ll need to file the necessary paperwork and wait for your permit application to be approved. It can take several days for the permit to be approved, so be sure to book your skip hire in good time.

If your budget, space or time is an issue, an alternative is to use our wait & load service. This solution that normally doesn’t require a license.

How heavy can I fill a skip?

For any skip up to 8 yards, you can fill it with whatever kind of waste and debris you want (except for hazardous).
If you have lighter, bulkier waste( like clothing, for example), you might be able to hire a large skip (12, 16 ,20 , 40 yards) and fill it up ensuring it is a level load making it accessible for collection.

Can I mix different types of waste in a skip?

Yes, we don’t expect our customers to sort through their own waste-that’s what we are here for!
We’ll take your skip to our site to sort through so you can ensure the maximum amount of waste is recycled and being put to good use.

Do I need a flashing light?

If your skip is on a public road at night you will need safety lights. Make sure you get appropriate lights as this is a legal requirement. You can get them from a builder’s merchant.

Still not sure if the rubbish you need to get rid of can go in a skip?

That’s what we’re here for ! Give us a call on 0208 138 2035 and we can resolve any doubts about your skip hire