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Aggregates are essential materials for construction and landscaping projects, and there are many distinct types of aggregates available to suit a wide range of applications.

We offer great rates on all aggregate materials along with fast and efficient delivery.

An even more cost-effective option is for our lorry to offload the aggregate to a section of your site before being loaded with waste material.


Here are some brief descriptions of the most common aggregates and their uses:

  • Topsoil: A nutrient-rich soil used for planting and gardening.
  • Type 1 crushed concrete: A recycled concrete aggregate used in construction projects for a variety of applications, including sub-bases, paths, and driveways.
  • Type 1 / Type 2 MOT: A crushed stone aggregate used for construction, including road and path bases, driveways, and hard-standing areas.
  • Reject sand: A by-product of sand production that is not suitable for use in construction but may be used in landscaping or as a base for certain types of paving.
  • Oversized: A type of aggregate that is larger than the specified size, used for specific construction applications, such as rockeries, landscaping, and gabion walls.
  • 20 mm ballast: A type of crushed stone used in concrete and drainage systems.
  • Sharp sand: A coarse sand used in construction for bedding and laying block paving, slabs, and bricks.
  • 4/10mm shingle: A small, angular stone used in concrete mix and drainage systems.
  • 10/20mm shingle: A medium-sized, angular stone used in concrete mix and drainage systems.
  • 20/40mm shingle: A larger-sized, angular stone used in concrete mix and drainage systems.

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